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Capcom shared 12 minutes of brand-new Resident Evil 4 remake gameplay footage with Game Informer recently, highlighting side quests and the tense cabin fight in the horror game. The merchant and his new voice also make an appearance, alongside a few brief looks at some new features.

The clip starts with a seemingly faithful recreation of the church escape scene, where Leon and Ashley try sneaking past a mob of Ganado in a bid to rendezvous with Hunnigan, Leon’s controller. In Resident Evil 4 remake, conversations with Hunnigan happen in real time, so you’re free to wander and explore while you chat. 

Once Leon makes it to the churchyard, you can see things take a somewhat different turn compared to the original.

For one thing, Leon has a sturdy knife he can use against stunned enemies to finish them off, which seems like a handy way to save ammo. He can also deliver a mighty kick to stun and knock enemies away.

The graveyard features a new side quest that the Game Informer crew said is an extension of the puzzle in the original game. Once you finish the quest, you can get a reward from the merchant and seek out more blue flyers with tasks that need doing. One involves slaying a parasite-controlled dog – not the dog Leon can’t rescue at the game’s start – in what looks like a new part of the village. The team also said they uncovered multiple paths to some objectives and some hidden places that weren’t in the original game.

Despite being billed as a mostly faithful remake, it sounds like Capcom has made several tweaks and changes to help keep the horror classic fresh. We don’t have long to see it for ourselves either. Resident Evil 4 remake launches for PC, PS4 and PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on March 24, 2023.