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Psyonix is ending Rocket League player trading soon

The decision aligns Rocket League with Epic’s broader metaverse goals

Psyonix is ending Rocket League player trading soon to help put the multiplayer game in line with Epic’s aim to build a metaverse – an aim that recently cost nearly 1,000 people their jobs. Psyonix made the announcement in a brief blog post and said the changes will take effect on Dec. 5, 2023, across all platforms that Rocket League is available on.

After that date, players can still trade in their unwanted or duplicate items and receive something of higher rarity. No third-party trading sites will work with Rocket League after Dec. 5, 2023, so if you see one claiming otherwise, it’s a scam.

“We’re making this change to align with Epic’s overall approach to game cosmetics and item shop policies, where items aren’t tradable, transferrable, or sellable,” Psyonix said in the announcement. “This opens up future plans for some Rocket League vehicles to come to other Epic games over time, supporting cross-game ownership.”

A blue racing car pulls ahead of four others, all in midair above a grassy soccer field

No more sharing custom blueprints and parts after December.

So those Fortnite racing game leaks are probably true, in other words.

While that makes a bit of sense for some items, Rocket League’s player economy functions differently compared to something like Fortnite. In addition to trading paints and other cosmetics, players would build cars, blueprints, and parts and share them with others. 

Rocket League fans are not happy with the news.

"Are y'all removing the ball next," one Twitter user wrote in response.

"Massive L," another said.

"Shared content across games" is a standard promise associated with the metaverse, the idea of creating an ecosystem where all your entertainment and lifestyle wants exist together on the same platform. While the ambition has faded for most companies, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney recently reaffirmed his intention to invest in an Epic metaverse with Fortnite at the center.