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Rare finally announces Sea of Thieves PS5 release date

Yar har har and blow me down

After weeks of rumors and speculation, Rare finally announced Sea of Thieves for PS5 and the multiplayer game’s release date, which isn’t far off. You can set sail in Sea of Thieves on PS5 starting April 30, 2024, and it’s the first time a Rare game appeared on a PlayStation platform.

Rare made the announcement on Twitter and accompanied it with a blog post detailing what to expect from the port. Sea of Thieves is one of four Xbox games releasing on other platforms, with Pentiment and Grounded launching on Nintendo Switch later in 2024 and Hi-Fi Rush coming to PS5 in March 2024.

“We can genuinely say that there’s never been a better time to set sail with us,” Rare said in the post. “The team has dedicated years to making Sea of Thieves the best it can be with regular free content updates, offering everything from new Voyages, new tools and new islands to sprawling story-focused Tall Tales, including crossovers with other legendary pirate properties.”

“We’ve even introduced whole new ways to play, like Safer Seas mode for pirates still finding their sea legs, and we have plans to keep adding features and improving the experience for a long time yet.”

Sea of Thieves on PS5 will launch with all these updates and adventures, including the Pirates of the Caribbean-themed Tall Tale, and Rare said the PS5 release coincides with Season 12, though the team didn’t elaborate on what’s new in that season.

Ubisoft billed Skull and Bones as a pirate simulator, but if you’re after a more detailed sailing and exploration experience, Sea of Thieves is where it’s at. There’s a loose story connecting your adventures, but mostly, you’re free to explore the ocean, delve into its mysteries, find haunted islands, attack other ships – if you’re feeling particularly unpleasant – and desperately try to patch the holes in your rig after some horror from the depths attacked you.

You can play it solo, but it's easier to tackle big expeditions with friends. Rare didn't say whether Sea of Thieves on PS5 will launch with crossplay support, though the game features it for Xbox Series X|S and PC.