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Total War: Warhammer 3 Hotfix 4.2.2 – patch notes: Saytang is even more of a terror now

That important distinction between Fear and Terror
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Another update for Total War: Warhammer 3 is available in the form of Hotfix 4.2.2, which irons out a few more issues that crept into the strategy game during its substantial Update 4.2 a few weeks ago. Probably the biggest item on the agenda – quite literally, since it regards a massive Terracotta Sentinel – is Saytang the Watcher, Grand Cathay’s first Legendary Hero. Saytang is getting a bit of a visual glow-up to bring its appearance more in line with the concept art we first saw of the ancient construct.

In addition to this purely visual change, Creative Assembly is correcting a mistake regarding the hero’s kit: Henceforth it’ll be causing both the Fear and Terror status effects to enemies around itself. Previously, the war machine only inspired Terror, which clearly isn’t enough on its own.

Total War: Warhammer 3 screenshot of Saytang the Watcher.

An inspiration to its allies and a terror to its foes: Saytang the Watcher.

Another important adjustment has been made to regular heroes. The “Assault Unit” action has been replaced by the “Assault Units” action, so you no longer can target individual enemy units with it. Instead, several units chosen on a random basis will take losses when this ability gets used against an enemy army.

You can check out the full Total War: Warhammer 3 Hotfix 4.2.2 patch notes below – and if one of your friends hasn’t bought the game yet and you want to drag them in, you should know that it’s currently available at its lowest-ever price.

Total War: Warhammer 3 Hotfix 4.2.2 – patch notes

  • We've made some visual adjustments to Saytang to ensure lore authenticity, aligning it with the concept art we previously shared.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during Sea Encounters.
  • Various Griffons have grabbed a slice of the Upelkuchen cake and are no longer shrunken on the Campaign map.
  • Replaced Assault Unit (Deal damage to one unit in the target army) with Assault Units (Deal damage spread across a random portion of units in the target army) for all characters. This affects the following heroes:
    • River Troll Hags
    • Skink Oracles
    • Empire Battle Wizards
    • Necromancers
    • Glade Captains
    • Vlad Von Carstein (As a Hero)
    • Frost Maidens
    • Iridescent Horrors
  • Fixed an issue where the Changeling's Trickster Cults would be revealed when any army (including enemy armies) retreats from a pre-battle involving the Changeling.
  • Melee units now have a bit of an easier time pinning down Katarin's sled.
  • Katarin's sled can now be more reliably targeted by missile weapons.
  • Fixed a specific issue where Legendary Heroes would not spawn if the army they intended to spawn at (usually the faction leader) was in a settlement that was under siege. We have noticed some additional edge cases of Legendary Heroes failing to spawn which we are currently investigating.
  • Fixed Vlad and Isabella von Carstein not being able to scout ruins when they are Heroes.
  • Fixed Vlad von Carstein not spreading growth as a Hero.
  • Celestial Lion is now a High Threat target. (All single entities are High Threat targets and take focused damage when caught in a splash attack.)
  • Saytang, The Watcher causes Terror, but hasn't been causing Fear as intended. We're not sure the dictionary supports our position on the difference, but Saytang is too scary for us to tell him no, so, he now causes both Fear and Terror.
  • Fixed the Cathay technology "Yin Hex" displaying melee units in its tooltip despite it only applying to ranged units.
  • Raknik Spiderclaw can now equip the Spider Banner magic standard, as the spider gods intended.
  • Beastmen advanced recruitment horde buildings now correctly appear in their own group.
  • Fixed an issue with Bretonnia Lords where their unit cards did not match their 3D model.
  • Druzhina now flips a coin during one of his idle animations instead of simply miming the act.
  • Fixed an issue in the Sisters of Twilight quest battle "Search for Ceithin-Har" where the herdstone buildings could be manually targeted and destroyed by ranged units.
  • Caravan Master skills that modify encounters (e.g. amount of Cargo paid as a toll or the chance of an Ambush Battle occurring) are now correctly calculated with each skill level.
  • Fixed Drycha not receiving the "Stolen Power" trait when unlocking Coeddil.
  • Fixed instances of Heinrich Kemmler's portrait being extremely wide.
  • Fixed Ulrika Magdova's porthole being too zoomed out.
  • The 3D porthole for the Chaos Lord of Tzeentch on a Disc of Tzeentch no longer focuses exclusively on his crotch.
  • Clan Skrat's faction leader Metastorm is now properly generated with both a face and a name.
  • The Kislev red line skill "Creatures of the Land" now correctly states that it applies to Frost Wyrm units.
  • The Bretonnian vow "Pledge to Campaign" (win a siege battle in a desert or jungle climate) can now be completed when reinforcing in battle.
  • Added the missing Chaos Warshrine mount to the Chaos Sorcerer Lord of Tzeentch (Metal).
  • Renamed the Grand Cathay technology "Nan-Gau Polearms" to "Nan-Gau Weaponry" to better reflect the effects it provides.
  • The Chaos Sorcerer and Chaos Sorcerer Lord of Tzeentch (Metal) now correctly have the "Prismatic Plurality" skill instead of "Evasion" on their magic line.
  • The Lizardmen Exotic Animals resource building now also affects Feral Troglodons.
  • The Lizardmen Exotic Animals resource building has a hidden effect reducing Recruitment costs - this effect is now visible.
  • The Hexoatl landmark building Blessed Incubator now also affects Feral Troglodon and Dread Saurian units.
  • When using the MS store version of DaVe, reprocessing the campaign no longer breaks frontend faction selection.
  • Fixed the camera clipping into the terrain in the intro cutscene to Grombrindal's quest battle "Rune Helm of Zhufbar".