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A classic Skyrim bug that went dormant is making the rounds again, as a new generation of players discovers how versatile the sandbox game’s horses are (thanks, TheGamer). Reddit user ARXEUS_ posted in amazement on the Skyrim subreddit that they just discovered how to walk on water via horse.

To activate the bug, you need to find a horse, sally forth into a body of water, and dismount, then get back on the horse again. The game thinks your horse is still on land and lets you walk and gallop as if you weren’t wading through a 48-inch-deep river.

The bug seemingly works in every edition of Skyrim, including the Anniversary Edition that ARXEUS is playing and, as other Redditers noted, in the original. 

Those who’ve been wandering the RPG's fields and mountains for over 10 years recall discovering the bug themselves back in the day, though most commenters were just as amazed as ARXEUS.

The plus side of your miraculous horse is that, if you’re playing on survival mode in the Anniversary Edition, you don’t have to worry about freezing in less temperate waters. Your horse might, though, so you may want to consider befriending Shadowmere, the sinister horse from the Dark Brotherhood questline. As one commenter noted, Shadowmere is immune to freezing temperatures and only dies if you throw him off a mountain, which is something you probably shouldn’t be doing anyway.