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10/10 roguelike deck-builder on Steam gets biggest discount yet

A modern classic and trendsetter is available for cheap
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If you ever wondered why so many roguelikes seem hell-bent on adding deck-building systems to their gameplay, then one can only point you in the direction of Slay the Spire. This indie game from 2019 combined classic roguelike dungeon-crawling with deck-building, setting a trend that still has its grips on the minds of game developers around the world. Should you – somehow – not already be in possession of this icon, now is the best time to grab it.

Slay the Spire is off by 66% on Steam right now, marking its lowest-ever price on the platform. Even better: Purchasing the title on Valve’s store makes it available not just on PC, but allows you to play it on Steam Deck as well – and it’s one of those games that seem like they were tailor-made for the handheld gaming PC. This great discount on the game will be available until March 21, 2024, so be sure to make use of it, if there’s still a Slay the Spire-sized hole in your library.

Slay the Spire screenshot showing a battle.

Slay the Spire has never been available at a lower price before.

Being rated 10/10 by Steam users and 89/100 by critics on Metacritic, Slay the Spire is one of those undisputed hits that only come along every so often – aside from the massive impact it’s had on game development, it’s just plain fun.

You choose one of four different character classes, all of which have access to different card decks, and climb your way up a dungeon, past enemies, events, and camp sites. You obtain new cards for your deck as well as consumable potions and powerful relics along the way, all of which may completely alter your playstyle. Combine this approachable and yet incredibly deep gameplay loop with a charming art style and technical smoothness and you’ve got the formula for an instant classic.

As of now, we’ve seen many developers try and concoct an equally explosive cocktail of game design ingredients, but none have quite managed it as well as Mega Crit Games.

That said, many games inspired by Slay the Spire are amazing – Monster Train is a highlight among those already released and sci-fi title Breachway looks incredibly promising. This one doesn’t just lean on Slay the Spire, but is bringing over some elements from Faster Than Light as well. Combining two of the best roguelikes of all time? That’s some good cooking.