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Titan Forge announces Smite 2 during world championships

Mythological third-person Dota-like is getting a sequel
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Update: Jan. 12, 2024

Shortly after Smite 2 showed up on Steam, Titan Forge announced the Dota-like game's sequel during the Smite World Championships. There's no word on a Smite 2 release date yet, but Titan Forge is running a closed alpha test sometime in spring 2024.

Smite 2 will launch with a roster of 25 gods pulled from mythologies around the world, including newcomer Hecate - the first god exclusive to Smite 2 - and "eventually" every god from the original game. As for whether you can transfer your Smite skins to Smite 2, well, it's a bit complicated.

Original Story

A sequel to Smite, which was released in 2014 and successfully translated the Dota formula into a game played from a third-person perspective, has been leaked on Steam. A Reddit user took a screenshot of the announcement that was probably supposed to be released between January 12 and 14, 2024, the duration of the official Smite world championship.

Publisher Hi-Rez Studios announced a keynote event to kick off the world championship, which seems like the most probable time slot for the official announcement of Smite 2. As an additional hint, the game’s social media account posted the following: “Tomorrow is going to be a day filled with celebration, esports, and incredible announcements. Actually thinking about it now, we really should have scheduled the SMITE 2024 Keynote for Tuesday…” Tuesday sounds like Two-sday, get it?

Artwork for SMITE showing a Babylonian god leading troops.

The showdown of the gods looks to be going into its next round.

The official schedule for the event also contains a one hour block on Sunday with content that is yet to be revealed right before the grand finals, so we may be looking at some sort of deep-dive or preview session to follow the announcement or possibly the announcement itself, in case it doesn’t happen at the keynote.

In a world in which many Dota-likes tried and failed to take a piece of the pie, of which Dota 2 and League of Legends control the majority, Smite managed to survive thanks to its unique twist. The game in which players control gods and mythological figures as their characters will celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2024, however, and its age has been showing for a while now – Smite is still running on Unreal Engine 3, so it’s high time for an upgrade.

Though we have to await official confirmation, it looks like Smite 2 is indeed a go. User reactions have been mixed so far with many being happy about the potential of tech upgrades, while others have expressed concern about the release ending up to be an Overwatch 2 situation. Mentions of Smite 2 have been found all over the first game’s code throughout 2023, so this leak is by no means the only hint at the sequel’s coming.