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Smite 2 players have to re-buy their Smite skins for half-price

Titan Forge announces a Gem system to soften the blow of non-transferable Smite skins

Titan Forge is building Smite 2 from scrap in Unreal Engine 5, and that means you can’t transfer Smite skins to Smite 2. You’ll have to buy them again instead, but Titan Forge has a plan to soften the financial blow, at least a little (thanks, VG 24/7).

Titan Forge made the announcement during the Smite World Championships after outlining a little of what to expect from the multiplayer game’s sequel.

Part of the team’s plan is the Legacy Gem system. For every one gem you purchased in Smite, you’ll get one Legacy Gem in Smite 2. You can use Legacy Gems to purchase most of the original Smite skins, but only at up to 50 percent of the cost. That leaves 50 percent of the purchase price left for you to cover with real-world cash.

There’s also the Divine Legacy system. Divine Legacy is a set of objectives from the original Smite that will earn you rewards and exclusive cosmetics in Smite 2 if you complete them. Titan Forge said you can jump into the original Smite and complete them now, and your progress will carry over to Smite 2 when that game launches.

While that holds true for spending on gems as well, you're probably better off just saving your money for whatever new Smite 2 skins Titan Forge has in store.

The original Smite isn’t going anywhere, so it seems like there’s no rush to tick off Divine Legacy objectives. Smite 2 doesn’t have a release date yet either, but Titan Forge is holding a closed alpha testing period sometime in spring 2024.