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It looks like Star Wars Jedi Survivor deluxe and pre-order bonuses are randomly vanishing, but it’s not your fault and probably not permanent (thanks, PC Gamer). Reddit user Tae17Yong posted about their experience, where they booted the game like usual, encountered no other issues, but realized their bonus cosmetics were gone.

The thread received over two dozen replies from people saying they encountered the same issue in the Star Wars game. Steam reviews started mentioning it as well, and an EA community manager responded to the problem on the EA help site, saying the developers are looking into it.

“The teams are aware of the reports and are investigating the issue,” they said in the post. “If we have any updates, we hope to be able to share them with you as soon as possible.In the meantime, it is recommended to try to repair the game files to see if that restores access to the bonus items for you, or make sure that the DLCs are installed correctly.”

They recommended a few steps to potentially fix the issue, including repairing the game files on the EA app or checking the DLC tabs on Xbox Series X|S and Steam.

Commenters on the Reddit thread said they’ve tried those solutions to no effect. Tae17Yong edited the original post and said the cosmetics briefly reappeared, then vanished again. The fixes EA recommended might work, but it’s best to just not count on your extra cosmetics being available until EA pushes a bug fix.

Survivor hasn't had the easiest of launches. Another recent bug saw one boss enemy literally knock experience points off of Cal and made them irretrievable.