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EA and Respawn debuted the final Star Wars Jedi Survivor trailer as part of the Star Wars Celebration, and there’s a lot going on in it, including what director Stig Asmussen told is a “huge evolution of gameplay.” The trailer shows Cal taking on imperial forces across a range of new planets, pausing for a pensive visit to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, and showing up briefly on one of Survivor’s new mounts that make travel easier.

There’s fights against Stormtroopers, landspeeder battles, a tense visit to a Rancor’s house, and a lush outpost in the midst of a scrubby, barren wasteland. The trailer showcases some of Cal’s new fighting methods as well, including the mystical – new Force powers – and the practical – disabling an AT-ST by yoinking the pilot out through the hatch.

What Asmussen was most excited about for the new Star Wars game is companion gameplay. Cal’s friends sometimes join in the fight, using the Force to deal with weaker foes and helping set stronger enemies up for devastating attacks from Cal.

“It's really about experiencing how Cal and his companions — like Bode Akuna, like Merrin — fight side by side together, how they solve puzzles, and negotiate the different planets that they're traveling to.”

While the trailer shows companions helping in “cinematic flourishes,” as Asmussen calls them, you can use an assist feature to call for their help outside of cinematics as well.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor launches for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on April 28, 2023.