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People are hoarding potatoes on their ships in Starfield

You've heard of being overencumbered, but what about a ship full of potatoes?

We've all been overencumbered in Starfield, but have you ever put so many potatoes in your ship that they spill out of doors when you open them? 

Players are pushing Starfield's object permanence to breaking point by filling their ship with items they can't carry. But rather than storing anything useful, one player has taken to stuffing their vessel with potatoes. 

Reddit user u/Moozipan shared a video where they open up a door on their ship and potatoes spill out onto the floor. When they close the door, it pushes them back, with some stuck on the other side. 

Talk about taking the Chef background too literally. 

In most video games, items like this despawn when the player isn't observing them and disappear from the world. Starfield remembers where you dropped your helmet before getting on the tube train ten planets ago, but nobody knew they could bring forth the potatogeddon. 

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