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The Steam Deck released one year ago and has by all accounts been an immense success for Valve so far – people love being able to play some of their favorite PC games on the go. In case you were waiting on picking up the device for a sale, your time may have come now.

The Steam Spring Sale 2023 includes a 10% offer on all Steam Deck versions available in the store. This price reduction will be active until March 23, 2023, so you have a bit more time to make up your mind about the purchase. This rebate allows you to grab the cheapest Steam Deck version for $359.10. Going for the base model is probably going to leave you wanting for more storage space, though, so you’ll need to get additional external space in the future.

Of course, you can always go for one of the pricier Steam Deck models, which come with more storage space by default and benefit from the same price discount – you can get a 256GB and a 512GB version. Both of these are NVMe SSDs, meaning they offer faster loading speeds than the base edition’s 64GB eMMC.

To celebrate the first anniversary of the Steam Deck, Valve is introducing a new feature to the device: customizable start animations. Users had actually found ways to modify the animations themselves, so Valve joined the party and made the feature official. It created 20 animations that you can grab on the Steam Points Store with the bonus resources you acquired from buying games on the platform. You can even set random animations, in case you can’t pick out a favorite.

Over 8,000 games in Steam’s library are officially certified as Steam Deck compatible by Valve, many more are playable on the system. Listing the top 100 games played on the device, Valve showed the breadth of titles the Steam Deck can handle: Open-world blockbusters like Hogwarts Legacy, The Witcher 3, and Elden Ring stand alongside indie phenomena such as Vampire Survivors and Hades.

If you’ve decided to pick up a Steam Deck in the sale, check out our Steam Deck setup tips to get started with ease. We have a guide on how to set up your Steam Deck for Sons of the Forest as well, if you’re aiming to play the new survival hit on the handheld.