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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League pre-orders to be refunded on the Epic Games Store

Release will be delayed on EGS
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It’s not been a great week for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League so far and the bad news keeps coming in. Rocksteady announced that the game has been delayed yet again, though fortunately only on the Epic Games Store, where it’ll be released on March 5, 2024, instead.

That’s about a month after the regular launch date of February 2, 2024, which still stands for PC via Steam, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

"Wait, we got delayed again?"

"Wait, we got delayed again?"

Rocksteady stated that Epic Games would refund anyone who pre-ordered the title on EGS, so do keep an eye out for that cancellation email from the store’s support if this pertains to you. It did not communicate any reasons for the delay on this storefront.

This piece of news came after the entire plot of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League got leaked and spread on the internet, where it did not receive a very warm reception – quite the opposite: It looks like many fans are not on board with the direction the game seems to be going narratively. Add that to everyone’s apprehensions about the gameplay and live-service aspects of the game – a result of both a previous leak and officially shown gameplay footage – and you’ve got a recipe for some proper worry over at the studio and publisher WB Games.

Warner Bros. recently stated that it was very happy with its gaming division, but wants it to pivot towards more live-service games to rake in even more profit. Curiously, not even a month later it denied reports that its upcoming Wonder Woman game would be a live-service title.