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Post-apocalyptic city-builder Surviving the Aftermath is free on Epic Games Store

A great offering for strategy game fans
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Fans of strategy games and city-builders should check out this week’s free Epic Games Store offerings, which include Surviving the Aftermath and Earthlock.

Surviving the Aftermath was developed by Iceflake Studios and published by Paradox Interactive almost exactly two years ago. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, players are tasked with rebuilding civilization from the rubble. However, the first step to do so is simply surviving the tough times in the wake of a global disaster.

A big part of the game is spent building up your colony, which needs to generate enough edibles and other resources to sustain its growing population of refugees. Challenges and dangers lurk everywhere, for natural disasters or environmental catastrophes can still threaten flourishing settlements.

Surviving the Aftermath screenshot of a small colony.

Surviving the Aftermath pretty much spells out what you do in the title.

Another aspect of the game are the specialist expeditions. You don’t exist in a vacuum in this world: The world map contains other factions, ruins of once great cities, and many other things that can bring both opportunity and danger at once. To explore these situations, you can recruit unique specialists and send them onto expeditions, which may return with valuable resources and other benefits. They may even uncover the reason behind the apocalypse – and help you prepare for a potential repeat.

Kind of like Frostpunk, Surviving the Aftermath is full of tough decisions, making it an engaging and intense experience in which total security is an illusion.

Earthlock, developed and published by Snowcastle Games, is a JRPG-style game with turn-based combat.

Earthlock battle screenshot.

Earthlock features turn-based combat alongside free world exploration.

Set in the magical world of Umbra, players must bring together a group of unlikely heroes to stand the test of the adventure before them. Each character comes with two different stances and will unlock unique perks and abilities based on the bond they’ve built with the rest of the team. Instead of classic skill trees, the game features a talent board, allowing players to freely switch between skills on their characters, fine-tuning them according to their needs and desires.

Surviving the Aftermath and Earthlock will be free to keep on Epic Games Store if you claim them ahead of November 23, 2023.