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The Finals open beta start date revealed

Chaotic heist shooter will be available to test with crossplay
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One of the hottest shooter prospects of the industry, The Finals, has announced an open beta test for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S starting on October 26, 2023. Until November 5, 2023, players can try out the heist shooter’s crossplay capabilities on all platforms.

Swedish developer Embark Studios and South Korean publisher Nexon have teamed up for this project, which created some buzz with its closed beta test earlier this year. You can read our The Finals preview to get an early impression of the action-packed experience.

The Finals header showing a warrior in a panda custome.

The Finals allows players to partake in a combat game show to entertain the masses.

The Finals features destructible terrain that completely changes how players approach battles and enables users to customize their characters very freely. It makes a huge difference to the gameplay if players choose a heavily built avatar or a lighter one, giving them different amounts of HP, mobility, and even separate equipment pools. There is a lot of room for experimentation.

In The Finals, players are divided into small teams that compete for a limited amount of vaults on the map. Groups need to break into them, loot them, and then transport their ill-gotten gains to a specific zone. They can be attacked by other players at any time in the process, who can simply steal their loot and net the points for it themselves, if they manage to reach the target area.

This leads to chaotic encounters between the parties and intense strategic posturing, since the right decision to wait or attack at the correct moment can make the difference between victory and defeat.

The Finals shooting down an alley

The Finals is a visually impressive title. Early tests had some performance issues, though.

The upcoming open beta test introduces a new map and game mode not present in previous tests. In addition, it includes a free battle pass with unlocks players can keep for the launch version of the game. Crossplay and shared progression between all platforms will be enabled.

20 Weapons, 26 Gadgets, nine abilities, five modes, and three maps in total will be available for testing.

“The goal of the Open Beta is to validate improvements and changes made from earlier testing on PC, stress-test the game’s server and backend infrastructure at scale, ensure the team is capable to quickly patch and update the game across platforms, and get feedback on the console and gamepad experience,” Embark Studios stated.

To prepare for the open beta, check out our The Finals tips and tricks, which will allow you to nail the basics ahead of time. You can register for the test on the PS and Xbox Stores as well as on Steam for PC.