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The Game Awards 2023 length to be similar to last year’s show

Keighley confirms more security and move away from “world premiere” label
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Geoff Keighley, the creator and host of The Game Awards, stated during a live-streamed Q&A session about the upcoming show that the 2023 edition was aiming for a similar number of reveals as well as a comparable broadcast duration as last year’s event.

To illustrate: The VOD for The Game Awards 2022 available on YouTube is 3.5 hours long. For European viewers it’s evidently going to be a challenging experience once again to catch the event live and still be fresh enough for a day at school or work right afterwards.

The Game Awards 2023 poster showing its airing date and a trophy.

The Game Awards 2023 looks to be an extensive show once again.

One thing that hopefully won’t extend the event’s duration this year are security incidents – in case you don’t remember, some weirdos invaded the stage during TGA 2022 as well as this year’s Opening Night Live at gamescom 2023, getting close enough to Keighley to talk through his microphone. At last year’s show, the guy storming the stage spouted some conspiracy nonsense, while the ONL invader, who previously did the same thing two times on German TV, demanded to know details about GTA 6. Keighley said during the Q&A that security would be tighter at The Game Awards 2023 to avoid yet another incident.

Another thing viewers may notice about this year’s show is that the iconic “world premiere” label won’t be present any more – and not because it’s been meme’d to death over the past years. Keighley said that it became increasingly difficult to define what a “world premiere” actually is and that he wants to present all games partaking in the show on equal terms.

The Game Awards 2023 will take place on December 7, 2023. While we’re waiting for the big show, be sure to check out our Alternative Game Awards 2023, where we celebrate all the weird and wonderful moments from this year in gaming that didn’t make it to Keighley’s events.