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The Last of Us HBO just got an emotionally-charged new trailer, giving us a glimpse of what to expect when the TV show adaptation lands on January 15. 

From Craig Mazin - creator of HBO's Chernobyl - and Neil Druckmann - game director for The Last of Us - the series focuses on a smuggler called Joel (Pedro Pascal), who's tasked with ferrying a girl across the post-apocalypse. 

The girl - called Ellie (Bella Ramsey) - is seemingly immune to the fungal-based zombie outbreak spreading across America, and could be the key to a cure. 

Here's a look at the show ahead of next month's launch: 

If you watch the new The Last of Us trailer carefully, you might spot some familiar faces. 

There's a quick shot of Ellie's mother cradling her as a baby, played by Ashley Johnson, who plays the role of Ellie in the video game. 

Later, we see a shot of David, one of the game's main antagonists, backed by his henchman. One of the henchmen is played by Troy Baker, who plays Joel in the video game. 

Viewers in America can catch the show on HBO Max, while those in the UK can watch it on Now TV. 

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