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The Total War: Warhammer 3 roadmap is finally here, detailing the content Creative Assembly has planned to release for the game in the upcoming twelve months. Long promised and then delayed several times, the community has been clamoring for this roadmap for a while now.

Shadows of Change, which is set to be released in Summer 2023 alongside Update 4.0, focuses on Tzeentch, Cathay, and Kislev. It contains three new Legendary Lords, two new Legendary Heroes (one of which will be free), tons of additional units, and more. The patch finally introduces Immortal Empire achievements, settlement battle improvements, and AI updates.

Thrones of Decay is the second expansion on the roadmap and scheduled for Winter 2023. It’ll focus on Nurgle, the Empire, and the Dwarfs, who each seem to receive another Legendary Lord, new units, and other things. There will be two Legendary Heroes as well, one being free once more. Update 5.0, which arrives alongside this DLC, brings the Nemesis Crown, a new legendary artifact akin to the Sword of Khaine into the game, too.

The final expansion revealed doesn’t have a title or detailed contents yet, though the background art definitely hints at it being Slaanesh-related. It’s supposed to be coming out in Spring 2024 and will follow the same general outline of the other two packs, focusing on three races.

Total War: Warhammer 3 roadmap.

Update 3.1 is first on the agenda, arriving at the end of May 2023 with another free Legendary Hero, the Chaos Dwarfs as an end game crisis, and seven free Regiments of Renown.

You can check out our predictions regarding the DLC lords and heroes to learn more about possible candidates.