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The community of Total War: Warhammer 3 has been on the edge in recent weeks: Developer Creative Assembly did not deliver a promised roadmap for the strategy game’s content updates in 2023 earlier this year and was very silent in general when it came to the game.

This sparked fears among the players that the studio had abandoned expanding the title, which is something that happened to another game in the franchise, Three Kingdoms. This event caused a sort of collateral trauma in the community, which reached new heights in recent days with continuous paranoia haunting the official Subreddit and Discord server.

Creative Assembly finally addressed these fears in a statement made by Rich Aldridge, who is Total War: Warhammer 3’s game director, and apologized for the long silence.

He admitted that the development team fell behind schedule in 2022 after the release of Immortal Empires, the massive game mode combining the content from all three games of the Total War: Warhammer trilogy.

Aldridge assured the community that better times were around the corner: “Speaking of new content, I’m pleased to say that we are now putting the finishing touches to it and will be sharing it with you in April. I’m sure when you get your hands on it you will see why it’s become such a passion project for us and why we wanted to spend the extra time on it to get it just right.”

Furthermore, he said: “For me, new experiences are what we are all about and we aim to deliver two more exciting major content drops later this year, in the Summer and Winter this year with smaller patching updates in between.”

While Aldridge stresses that this is “our ‘aim’ rather than a concrete plan”, this is the closest the community has gotten to an official timetable for additional content.

If things go as the team would like them to, players can expect three major content updates this year, which usually bring new playable races or at least additional factions and legendary lords with their own units and mechanics for existing races into the game.

It’s been heavily hinted at that the Chaos Dwarfs will be the next playable race coming to Total War: Warhammer 3, so they are very high on the community’s list of expected additions.