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Gamescom app lists Valve as exhibitor with Half-Life, but website denies it

Don’t get your hopes up
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Gamescom, Europe’s biggest video games convention, will happen in August 2023 in Cologne, Germany, and already has attracted a wide variety of exhibitors with big names like Microsoft, Nintendo, Bethesda, Bandai Namco, and HoYoverse being confirmed to attend. Steam creator and once-in-a-while game developer Valve has not said anything about appearing at the event, but Gamescom’s companion app suggests that the company will be present – with a Half-Life game.

Now, don’t get your hopes up. Half-Life 3 is not confirmed – I repeat: not confirmed. There are plenty of other things Valve may want to show off at the convention, such as a potential PSVR2 version of Half-Life Alyx or possibly the rumored Half-Life multiplayer game it might have in the works. With how Valve is operating, the studio could have something completely different in store we have no idea about.

In short: It could be something very minor or nothing at all, so don’t inhale too much hopium.

The convention’s website does in fact list Valve as an exhibitor as well, but that particular entry does not confirm Half-Life as a brand that’ll be present – it only mentions Steam, which is visible on the app as well.

Additionally, the website lists Valve among the “consulting/other services” category, not as a games developer or hardware manufacturer, which further puts a dent into hopes around a new title or fresh Steam Deck announcements. Valve may just be there to have talks with industry partners.

Just be aware that there is some conflicting information out there about what Valve might and might not announce at Gamescom 2023. We'll update you on any official developments.