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If you were hoping for a Vampire Survivors 2 at some point, developer Luca Galante has some disappointing news for you, though it’s not all bad news. Galante spoke with GameSpot about the indie game’s unexpected success, a debut that surprised even Galante, and said it just wouldn’t make sense to create a sequel.

"With the way Vampire Survivors is designed, we can deliver both new content and new game mechanics on the existing game, so why make a sequel?" Galante said. "I think that if we make a sequel or a spiritual successor, then we should offer something radically new."

Since the survival game first launched on Steam in 2022, Galante and his team have launched a handful of updates, including new maps and playable characters. The philosophy guiding development of new content is to add something fresh every time, though Galante throws in some random ideas just for fun on occasion.

"With every new update I tried to not only add content, but also more features to the core framework in order to offer something new every time," he said. "Sometimes, it was just me being selfish and wanting to make something just because I felt the need to be creative or to do something silly. Turning a tree into a playable character? Why not? Is it fun? Ship it."

A sequel seems unlikely, but Galante said the team plans on adding more DLC in the coming months. New characters and maps will ship as paid expansions, but any new mechanics will be free for everyone.