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Warzone 2, the next battle royale shooter in the Call of Duty series, is finally here, and players are already betraying each other.

Thanks to proximity chat, which allows you to hear microphone comms from nearby players regardless of whether they're on your team or not, there are already some funny encounters floating about online. 

Since it's Call of Duty, it usually goes like this: one person swears they won't kill the other before doing exactly the opposite. 

In one Reddit clip, a player takes another down. When down, your teammates can revive you, or you can get yourself up with a self-revive kit, assuming nobody finishes you off while in the downed state.

In the clip, the downed player begs for his life. It's his first game on, he says, and he promises he won't retaliate if the attacking player lets him get back on his feet. Never trust a COD player. 

You can check out the clip on Reddit. 

In another, two players meet and one promises the other that they're friendly. They have a little chat and, well, I'm sure you can guess the rest. 

Click this link for that clip

Have you been playing? Some people are already review bombing Warzone 2 on Steam, but it seems like plenty of folks are having a nice time... if your idea of a nice time is getting Julius Caesared.

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