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Wild Country mixes deck- and city-building with turn-based battles

Lost Native wants to deliver a cozy and competitive experience
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Developer Lost Native has officially announced Wild Country during the Future Games Show at gamescom 2023. Mixing various elements of city-builders and turn-based tactical games into a deck-builder, Lost Native hopes to deliver an experience that feels both cozy and competitive at the same time.

In Wild Country, you collect cards and build a deck with them, which you can then field against the AI in a single-player campaign or against friends and strangers across unranked and ranked matches online. These cards allow you to construct buildings on the hexagonal play area during a match, but can also represent actions such as inciting a riot in your opponent’s town on the field. Each duel’s goal is to build a more prosperous city than your counterpart, proving that you have what it takes to become the next mayor of Sun City, which is what the campaign’s story is all about.

Wild Country screenshot of the playing board.

Wild Country is all about competitive city-building with the help of card decks.

Victories earn you new cards to add to your deck as well as fresh outfit pieces for your personal adorable animal avatar, with which you run around the world to find new opponents and get through the events of the story. Lost Native says that there “is always something new to collect, craft, learn, and master” and that decks can be made for every kind of playstyle and personality.

Wild Country will be the studio’s debut title and has been made by a team working remotely from all around the world. A playable demo will be available on Steam after its debut at PAX West in Seattle from September 1 to 4, 2023, and the full release is expected “in the near future” on PC as well as Nintendo Switch.