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Xbox Stormcloud Vapor Special Edition controller is up for pre-orders now

Each controller comes with a unique pattern
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Here’s something for your collection of controllers: Each Xbox Stormcloud Vapor Special Edition controller comes with its own unique pattern of whirling clouds imprinted on it.

Available from August 8, 2023, for $69.99, this new special edition of the regular Xbox Wireless Controller can now be pre-ordered over at the Microsoft Store. Held in a gray-blue color scheme, stormcloud patterns are visible on the entire surface of the input device. Microsoft promises that each controller will have an individual pattern so that none look 100% identical to each other.

Xbox Stormcloud Vapor Special Edition controllers on white background.

The Xbox Stormcloud Vapor Special Edition controller.

Aside from that, this device comes with all the usual goodies: textured grip on the triggers, bumpers, and back-case, rubberized grips, the ability to map buttons, and Bluetooth connectivity to enable wireless play with the Xbox Series X|S, PC, and mobile devices. As usual, you can also connect a headset through the controller’s headset jack.

The controller can also be used while being connected to a device through a cable. Without one, Microsoft promises 40 hours of battery life while gaming.

Xbox Wireless Controllers are pretty solid pieces of technology with a wide range of uses. They are especially simple to set up on PC, making them a highly regarded choice on the platform.

The Xbox Stormcloud Vapor Special Edition is the latest stylized controller Microsoft is offering. Recent special editions of the hardware include a Porsche Edition, a Barbie Edition, and a TMNT Edition that includes a scent-dispenser, which sprays out the smell of pizza.