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Félix “xQc” Lengyel has finally broken a Minecraft speedrun record established by Sebastian “Forsen” Fors. The two former professional gamers may have switched into professional streaming, but their competitive spirit is quite unbroken. Over the years, both of them have repeatedly beaten each other’s milestones in Minecraft, often by mere seconds.

While Minecraft isn’t exactly known as an esports game, speedrunning through the title has become a beloved pastime for many more competitively minded players ever since the game got an actual ending. Requiring not only the best Minecraft world seed, speedrunning also needs game knowledge, perseverance, and sheer mechanical prowess.

Forsen, who is a former StarCraft 2 and Hearthstone professional, held the best time between the two ever since April 2021, completing the game in 20 minutes and 38 seconds. Former Overwatch pro xQc, who had long given up on speedrunning, then finally beat this time on January 4, 2023, requiring only 20 minutes and 5 seconds to make it over the finish line – a gap of 32 seconds is quite an impressive feat.

The Twitch streamer, who is often embroiled in controversies, seemed quite relieved after the successful run, exclaiming that he was now “done with this shit.” Considering he previously took a break from speedrunning, one has to assume he’d be ready to jump in again if Forsen managed to one-up him. The Swede has not yet reacted to his record being broken, though xQc gleefully informed him of that fact on Twitter – a ritual both of them have always stuck to.

The ball seems to be in Forsen’s court now. Will he rise up to the challenge, or can xQc call himself the Minecraft speedrunning world champion for good?