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Top Twitch streamers: the Twitch streamers with the most followers

The top Twitch streamers are some of the most successful internet celebrities in the world, but just how many followers do they have?
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Twitch, alongside YouTube, has become the primary platform for gaming content online, though new rivals such as Kick are trying to get a piece of the pie. The simple format and relative ease with which you can start streaming nowadays has led to a huge variety of personalities reaching internet superstardom, with multi-million follower counts and ridiculous amounts of income.

Viewers feel closer to their idols on Twitch than they do on TV, leading to very large and loyal followings. The platform is also ripe for drama and controversy, but that just seems to help channels get even bigger in the long run and it gets their faces into the mainstream. It's literally become a viable strategy to get a three-day ban for the free publicity.

We’ve looked over Twitch’s follower rankings and gathered the ten streamers with the most followers to see how they got to the top of the mountain.

Pokimane talking in a video
JuanSGuarnizo hosting an award show
Shroud talkihg in a documentary
The Grefg headshot during a video
Tfue vlogging in the wilderness
xQc headshot during a stream
Ibai headshot
Rubius chatting on stream
AuronPlay chatting on stream
Ninja headshot

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