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Zenless Zone Zero release confirmed for multiple consoles with PC and mobile

PS5 is likely given, but what else?
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HoYoverse has still not announced a release date for Zenless Zone Zero, but at the Tokyo Game Show 2023 the developer at least revealed something new about the upcoming action RPG – it will arrive on multiple consoles alongside PC and mobile devices.

Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, the studio’s two flagship games, are either already out on PS5 or will become available on Sony’s console soon, so Zenless Zone Zero is likely set for PS5 as well, given HoYoverse’s good relationship with the manufacturer.

Zenless Zone Zero announcement.

Consoles, plural. But which ones?

Which other console may the urban fantasy game be released on, though? The most boring answer would be the PS4, of course, though going by the fact that not even Honkai: Star Rail was ported to the last-gen console, this doesn’t seem all too likely. Who’s going to release a brand-new game for PS4 next year?

It’s possible that it’ll be launched on the Nintendo Switch 2, or whatever Nintendo will call its next console, which will likely be coming out in 2024. After all, HoYoverse has worked on a Genshin Impact port for the Switch that hasn’t materialized so far, so there is a connection there. With the Switch 2 being said to be at least as powerful as a Xbox Series S, it would certainly be able to run Zenless Zone Zero.

What about Xbox, then? HoYoverse and Microsoft don’t really have a relationship when it comes to gaming – back in the days before Genshin Impact, Microsoft declined to partner up with the Chinese developer, driving the company into the arms of Sony and PlayStation-exclusivity. That status quo has not changed in the years since.

For now, that’s all speculation – all we know for sure is that Zenless Zone Zero will release for PC, mobile, and multiple consoles “in the future,” according to HoYoverse.