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I never thought I’d play… StarCraft

It’s like Pikmin, if you played it in a spreadsheet

Between all the members of the team at GLHF we play an awful lot of games. We’re talking hundreds, and each of us has our own specialties. No one likes every genre of game, and each of us tends to stick to our little comfortable bubble of genres. And that’s why we thought we’d ruin everyone’s month by mixing things up.

Every month we will recommend another member of the team a game we love, in the hopes of getting them into something a little bit different, or of torturing them for a month depending on our mood. It’s also a chance for us to broaden our horizons and perhaps even find a game to fall in love with. These are the results of this month’s experiment.

Commander Shepard stares down a reaper in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.
Stardew Valley shed with various crops outside
Guilty Gear strive screenshot
Starcraft 2 battle
Against the Storm screenshot of a city engulfed in a rainstorm.
Slay the Spyre gameplay screenshot