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Honkai: Star Rail Aetherium Wars – best Pokémon references

Pikachu, Team Rocket, and more
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Fans of Honkai: Star Rail have been hailing Aetherium Wars, the flagship event of the ongoing update 1.4, as probably the best time-limited event of the game so far. Tasking players to catch and train Aether Spirits – essentially the NPC enemies they usually face in the game – to battle the teams of other characters and win the championship, Aetherium Wars was always intended to remind people of Pokémon.

The team over at HoYoverse certainly did not lack material to work with and filled Aetherium Wars up with many subtle as well as more on the nose Pokémon references and easter eggs.

Here are some of the best Honkai: Star Rail Aetherium Wars Pokémon references found in the event.

Honkai: Star Rail Aetherium Wars finale screenshot.

I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was!

A talented Chinese fan even animated a Honkai: Star Rail version of the original Pokémon anime intro in tribute to Aetherium Wars. That’s the good stuff!