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NBA 2K24 MyTeam is the ‘best of the old and new’

Built with community feedback in mind

2K and Visual Concepts built NBA 2K24’s MyTeam mode with community feedback at the center, producer Jon Smith told GLHF at a roundtable press conference, and the result is what Smith believes is the sports game’s most approachable and player-friendly version of the mode yet.

“As one of our most engaged player bases within the series, we innovate MyTeam every year by working with our community to deliver one of the most all-encompassing card-collecting modes in the industry,” Erick Boenisch, VP of NBA development at Visual Concepts, said. “Ushering in long-requested features, such as the new Player Market, increased MTP earn rates, and an overhaul of the XP system, are only a few of the ways we look forward to fans experiencing MyTeam in NBA 2K24.”

Some of the most important changes – ones that fans have requested for years – involve in-game currency and the player market.

A digital representation of Jamal Murray in his Nuggets 27 jersey is running down a basketball court with his arms raised in celebration

Smith says the NBA 2K24’s MyTeam mode includes more chances to earn more currency, so you won’t feel pressured to shell out real-world cash to get the cards you want. If you do want to spend cash, though, you can buy MT Coins for the first time and spend them in the marketplace for a chance to get rare cards.

Buying cards in NBA 2K24 is more transparent, as players can pick what cards they want and see what they need to add them to their collection. Nearly every card except a handful of exclusives is available in the market this time for set prices, both in VC or MT Coins, so you’re not subject to price gouging at the auction house just to get a certain player on your team. NBA 2K24’s marketplace also features the return of fan-favorite card packs with guaranteed pulls and improved odds for rare cards.

As for what you can do with those cards, NBA 2K24’s MyTeam brings back most of what worked in previous years, and it also introduces a brand-new salary cap mode that Smith says fixed what didn’t work when 2K and Visual Concepts tried salary cap before. You don’t have to grind for experience anymore, for example, and you make progress even if you lose a match.

NBA 2K24’s salary cap mode assigns a salary to every card, a number that changes each week based on how often that card gets used. The goal is building a team under that round’s salary cap, and if you need some incentive, each round includes new rewards to claim and fresh leaderboards to climb.

Visual Concepts also changed the match structure. Matches unfold across two halves now. You try and score as many points as possible during the first half, but both teams aim for a target score during the second half with no time limit. Smith calls these matches the tensest and most exciting he’s played during his time working on the series.

Speaking of modes, Clutch Time returns in NBA 2K24 with fewer restrictions than ever. You can jump in and play as many times as you want using any lineup and players. Getting your ring is much easier this year as well. During championship weekends, if you win your four-game series, you’ll earn the ring – that’s it. That’s all it takes. You’ll see your MyTeam celebrating on the court in new-gen versions of the game.

New-gen versions of the game also include crossplay support, so you can play with your friends on any platform that supports crossplay, including triple-threat co-op and quick games. Smith says the team hopes crossplay cuts down on matchmaking time, but if you’re unable to team up with friends, you can use the new “looking for group” feature. Looking for group lets you join a team of strangers and fill a missing spot on their team.

NBA 2K24 launches for PC, PS4 and PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on Sep. 8, 2023. If you're looking for more NBA 2K24, check out our coverage of 2K24's MyNBA, changes coming to the WNBA, a rundown of Mamba Moments, and what's new with skills.