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All the changes coming to Storm Point in Apex Legends: Ignite

Almost half the map has been completely reworked

Storm Point is getting “Energized” at the end of the month when the new season drops in Apex Legends, with 40% of the map completely reworked.

This past season, Storm Point has been pulled out of the map rotation as a massive storm ripped across the coastline. That storm has devastated existing POIs.

Since Lightning Rod and Storm Catcher are destroyed, the island can no longer supply energy to the cities. Wattson and Echo have worked together to rebuild the infrastructure, creating new substations and power grids around the island.

Apex Legends Ignite - Storm Point Ceto

40% of Storm Point has been completely reworked.

Visually, it’s striking. Even existing buildings look new thanks to being overgrown and dilapidated, and the skybox is even more detailed than before, changing the vibe of the setting.

There are six new POIs, including Wattson’s Pylon, Zeus Station, Echo Headquarters, Devastated Coast, and Coastal Camp.

The north, near Lightning Rod, has been completely reworked to connect more naturally with the rest of Storm Point. The Forbidden Zone in the center of the map has also been tweaked to make it more appealing as a landing spot, with a new POI and a complete removal of the prowlers.

Storm Point Apex Legends Devastated Coast

Devastated Coast is a new POI in Storm Point.

The aim of the changes, Respawn says, is to “improve the fun factor of Storm Point without sacrificing competitive integrity”.

Respawn wants casual players to be able to jump into more fights without ruining it for the pros. That’s why the overall map size has been reduced – particularly in the north and along the coastlines.

Apex Legends Ignite map rotation

The map rotation for Apex Legends’ next season will be:

  • Storm Point
  • Olympus
  • Broken Moon