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Armored Core 6 Battle Logs: all locations for Combat Log Collector trophy

Everything you need for Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon's Combat Log Collector achievement
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If you want to get absolutely everything in Armored Core 6, giving you access to all of the AC parts and builds you can dream of, then you will inevitably need to replay missions and locate Battle Logs. Battle Logs are only marked as Complete in the Replay Mission menu if you locate all optional enemies.

This is easier said than done, which is why we’ve written this guide. Just read through our instructions below to figure out how to tick off every Battle Log in Armored Core 6 – make sure to complete all of the in-game missions before taking all of these on, as you’ll need to replay and defeat bosses in order to keep your findings from each mission.

This is a complete list of every combat log you need for the Combat Log Collector trophy or achievement. Keep in mind that you'll need to play through the game three times and take on all alternate decision missions to access all missions and combat logs.

If you're going for completion in Armored Core 6, make sure to look through our list of all hidden part chest locations.

How to find Battle Logs for Loghunt – AC6

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When browsing the Replay Mission menu, you’ll notice a bunch of missions have a check box that may or may not be ticked off, depending on what you’ve done in that mission. In order to check this box you need to find every optional strong enemy in that mission, and then complete the mission.

Optional enemies tend to be well hidden, which is why you should read through this guide to find them all. Some missions and targets can only be found by replaying the game and accessing alt missions.

Chapter 1 Battle Log Loghunt locations – AC6

Chapter 2 Battle Log Loghunt locations – AC6

Chapter 3 Battle Log Loghunt locations – AC6

Chapter 4 Battle Log Loghunt locations – AC6

Chapter 5 Battle Log Loghunt locations – AC6