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Armored Core 6 Hidden Parts: all chest locations for the Asset Holder trophy

Every chest location in AC6 so you can easily get the hidden parts for the Asset Holder trophy or achievement.

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon is one of the best mech games we’ve seen in years, and it just might be worth your time to complete it, 100%, for all the gamerscore and trophies it’s worth. If that’s you – or you just want to build the very best mech possible – then you’ll need all the AC parts in the game. The problem is, some of them are hidden.

In this guide we’re breaking down where you can find the 19 chests that contain hidden parts you can find in Armored Core 6. These chests are spread across ten different missions, and we’ve got pictures and detailed instructions on how to find each and every one. With the info in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to earning the Asset Holder and various collector trophies and achievements available in AC6. Just read on for everything you need to know.

While hunting down these chests, you should also seek out combat logs, which you can find with our list of all Battle Log locations.

How to find chests and hidden parts – AC6

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There are 19 total hidden parts located inside chests in Armored Core 6, and they’re hidden in a select ten missions. All missions – save for one – are accessible from your first playthrough of the game.

Chests are often off the waypointed path and hidden in odd corners that you might not consider exploring – and others are located in plain sight. You should look out for red or orange beacons, as these are sometimes posted near a chest.

In this guide we’ll have detailed instructions on which missions you need to undertake, and each hidden part location in AC6. Remember that you will need to complete the stage after picking up each part, and the final stage will only be available on your third playthrough of the game.

All hidden part chest locations – AC6