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Baldur's Gate 3: should you enter the Astral Prism in BG3?

Should you enter the Planecaster and kill the Dream Visitor in Baldur's Gate 3?

If you follow Lae’zel’s advice and seek out the Githyanki Créche in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll eventually be forced to make a difficult decision. The artifact Shadowheart carries with her is crucial to your protection from the parasite in your eye turning you into Mind Flayers, however, the Githyanki demand you hand it over.

You can worm your way out of it if you’re willing to fight, but what happens next, there’s no avoiding. Vlaakith, queen of the Githyanki appears and demands that you enter and kill the prisoner within – the Dream Visitor that claims to have been protecting you this whole time.

Lae’zel says she will kill you if you don’t, but you may not want to lose this strange ally either, so we’ve explained what can happen in every path, so you know if you should kill the Dream Visitor or not.

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Should you enter the Astral Prism? – BG3

Baldur's Gate 3 Astral Prism

If you walk away without entering the Prism, Lae’zel will turn hostile and attack you. There is no way around this or convincing her otherwise. Choose this path and you’ll be forced to kill her.

However, depending on what other choices you make, you can keep Lae’zel alive and on your side if you go into the Astral Prism. If your goal is to keep everyone – or even just Lae’zel – alive, then yes, you should enter the Astral Prism.

Should you kill the Dream Visitor? – BG3

BG3 Dream Visitor

Once you arrive on the Astral Plane, the Dream Visitor will demand you meet them alone. They will plead their case and implore you not to do what Vlaakith asked. They then offer you a sword and say they will let you kill them.

If you kill the Dream Visitor: You will find yourself unable to do so, as they have powerful healing abilities. They will reveal their offer to let you kill them was just a test, and they won’t be happy with you – there won’t be any immediate consequences, but they will cause problems later down the line. Plus, Vlaakith will reveal that they tricked you to begin with and all the Githyanki in the Créche will turn hostile.

If you don’t kill the Dream Visitor: They will be grateful and insist that Vlaakith is lying to you – by doing it this way you can convince Lae’zel to side with you against her own queen. All of the Githyanki in the Créche will still turn hostile, however, everyone important to you will remain alive and on your side.

So in short, no, you shouldn’t kill the Dream Visitor.