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Diablo 4: best Necromancer build guide

Use these skills to make the most of the Necromancer's life-bending skill set
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The Necromancer class is one of the best classes in Diablo 4, just as it was in Diablo 3’s expansion. It plays a little bit like D3’s Necromancer, and a little bit like D3’s Witch Doctor too, making it a very satisfying class that focuses heavily on minions and lets players attack from afar.

In this guide, we’ll take you through what we think is a pretty solid build for Necromancers in Diablo 4, including the best level-up skills in each skill cluster, which summons to use, and more.

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Diablo 4: best Necromancer skills

The Necromancer isn’t the most powerful mage class in Diablo 4 – that honor goes to a well-built Sorcerer – but it does afford a range of fantastic abilities and utility. The main draw of the Necromancer is that they can stay back and let minions do their bidding, which means they are more than capable of staying alive for a long time in some of the more difficult battles. We’ve gone with a blood magic-based set, but honestly most sets with the Necromancer will work just fine — it’s a very consistently good class.

diablo 4 necro hemorrhage
diablo 4 necro blood surge
diablo 4 necro blood mist
diablo 4 necro decrepify
diablo 4 necro corpse tendrils
diablo 4 necro blood wave
diablo 4 necro kalans

Diablo 4: best Necromancer passive skills

Throughout the skill tree, there are a number of passive skills that are worth picking up, and if you’re waiting to unlock the next branch of the tree, it’s worth picking up some of them to round out your skills a bit.

Here are the passives we suggest picking up when you can, along with brief descriptions:

  • Unliving Energy - increases your essence – it’s not the best passive, but hey, it’s a little bit useful
  • Spiked Armor - gives 50 thorns, just on the off chance you do get hit
  • Death’s Reach - deal more damage to enemies that are far away
  • Gruesome Mending - extra healing from all sources when below 50% health
  • Golem Mastery - your golems do more damage and have more health

Diablo 4: best Necromancer summons

The Necromancer’s unique class skill is, of course, summoning skeletons from the ground using the Book of the Dead. You’ll need corpses to raise the dead, but there will almost always be plenty of corpses scattered around the battlefield. There are three types of summons for Necromancers, skeleton warriors, skeleton mages, and golems. The first are unlocked the moment you start the game, while the others are a little later in, at level 15 and 25. There are different types of skeletons and golems to pick from, so here’s what we think is the best choice:

Skeleton Warriors - Reapers

Reapers have slower attacks, but do more damage and can be used to reduce their own active cooldown with upgrades. They can also drop more corpses, which isn’t necessary, but can help with corpse explosions and raising more skeletons in a pinch.

Skeleton Mages - Shadow

Shadow Mages are the earliest you’ll unlock, and they’ll be useful for most of the game. While Cold Mages are also a very viable option, we think the upgraded Shadow Mages are probably the most bang for your buck, with the chance to stun or do extra damage.

Golem - Bone

Golems will unlock once you’ve completed the Necromancer’s priority quest, Call of the Underworld, at level 25. At first you’ll only have access to Bone Golems, but that’s okay, because they’re probably your best choice anyway. The Bone Golem taunts nearby enemies, which causes them to attack it instead of you, giving you a bunch of flexibility and longevity in large groups. They deal fantastic damage and can take a decent beating, so they’re a great all-rounder.