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Diablo 4: best Sorcerer build guide

Use these skills to make the most of the Sorcerer's powerful skill set
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The Sorcerer is one of Diablo’s most classic character classes, with some variant of the archetype appearing in every game in the series to date. Diablo 4’s take on the Sorcerer doesn’t stray far from what you’d expect, but there are a few neat tricks up this magician’s sleeve, taking some of the best skills from previous games and giving them a brand new twist.

In this guide, we’ll take you through what we think is the best general build for Sorcerers in Diablo 4, including the best level-up skills, which enchantments to pick, and more.

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Diablo 4: best Sorcerer skills

The Sorcerer has three different magic paths to go down with their skills, and all of them have their own strengths. Lightning magic is fantastic for dealing damage to large groups of enemies, fire magic does stacks of damage over time, and frost magic slows and freezes enemies, giving you ample opportunity to breathe and plan out your attacks. Mixing and matching between disciplines is more viable than in some other classes, but in the late-game you’ll want to be locked into one. Because of the nature of some of the encounters in Diablo 4, we’ve decided to go with lightning magic for this guide.

diablo 4 sorc arc lash
diablo 4 sorc chain lightning
diablo 4 sorc teleport
diablo 4 sorc lightning spear
diablo 4 sorc ball lightning
diablo 4 sorc unstable currents
diablo 4 sorc vyrs mastery

Diablo 4: best Sorcerer passive skills.

Throughout the skill tree, there are a number of passive skills that are worth picking up, and if you’re waiting to unlock the next branch of the tree, it’s worth picking up some of them to round out your skills a bit. They aren’t quite as transformative as the Druid’s passives, but they get the job done.

Here are the passives we suggest picking up when you can, along with brief descriptions:

  • Elemental Dominance - core skills do more damage when above 50 mana
  • Elemental Attunement - critical strikes have a chance to reset cooldown on Teleport
  • Mana Shield - get damage reduction when you expend 100 mana
  • Shocking Impact - stunning an enemy does extra damage to them
  • Convulsions - lightning skills have a chance to stun enemies
  • Conduction - critical strikes increase movement speed

Diablo 4: alternative Sorcerer skills

In addition to the alternatives we laid out above, a fire magic skill set is more than viable, especially when taking on boss fights, since the damage over time really adds up. Fire Bolt is a fantastic basic skill, Incinerate is a channeled spell that can do big damage and snare enemies, Hydra is a lot of fun as a conjuration, and Firewall is good for crowd control. We’d still recommend Teleport as the defensive skill though — nothing comes close to its utility.

Diablo 4: best Sorcerer Enchantments

Enchantments are the unique perk of the Sorcerer, and they add some key improvements to some of the skills we’ve chosen in our set. Chain Lightning is a great skill to put in an Enchantment slot, since it basically gives you free skills if you spend a certain amount of mana, while Teleport replaces your dodge with yet another Teleport, at the cost of a longer cooldown. There’s no right or wrong way to use enchantments, your best bet is to focus on the perks that work best with how you play.