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Diablo 4: best Rogue build guide

Use these skills to make the most of the Rogue's versatile skill set
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The Rogue class is one of the most difficult classes to play, as we said in our guide to the best starting class in Diablo 4, but it’s also packed with potential for exciting combos and is versatile as heck. With enough time and patience, the Rogue becomes one of the most powerful and satisfying classes in the game.

In this guide, we’ll take you through what we think is a pretty solid build for Rogues in Diablo 4, including the best level-up skills in each skill cluster, which class specialization to use, and more.

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Diablo 4: best Rogue skills

The Rogue, as mentioned above, is an extremely versatile class, with the ability to excel in both close-range and long-range combat. Because of the nature of some of the bosses in Diablo 4, however, long-range combat is almost always the right way to go. Getting up close and personal in boss fights is very dangerous, and the Rogue is very squishy so you definitely won’t want to be getting hit.

Diablo 4 Rogue Heartseeker
Diablo 4 Rogue Rapid Fire
Diablo 4 Rogue Caltrops
Diablo 4 Rogue Concealment
Diablo 4 Rogue Shadow Imbuement
Diablo 4 Rogue Shadow Clone
Diablo 4 Rogue Precision

Diablo 4: best Rogue passive skills

Throughout the skill tree, there are a number of passive skills that are worth picking up, and if you’re waiting to unlock the next branch of the tree, it’s worth picking up some of them to round out your skills a bit.

Here are the passives we suggest picking up when you can, along with brief descriptions:

  • Stutter Step - gain movement speed when you get a critical hit
  • Weapon Mastery - for bows, you’ll do more damage to vulnerable enemies, for crossbows you’ll do more crit damage
  • Mending Obscurity - you’ll gain health while stealthed, such as when using Concealment
  • Precision Imbuement - imbued skills have a higher crit chance
  • Consuming Shadows - enemies that die to shadow damage give you 10 energy
  • Aftermath - gain energy when using an Ultimate skill
  • Haste - gain movement speed when above 50% energy, and attack speed when below 50% energy

Diablo 4: best Rogue specialization

The Rogue’s unique class skill is class specializations, which are essentially passives that change the way you engage with enemies. You’ll start with Combo Points, which has you building up points that then get expended with certain skills like Rapid Fire, making them stronger. After you hit level 20, you’ll unlock the Inner Sight specialization, and that’s what you’ll want to use for the rest of the game. You’ll get an Inner Sight gauge that increases when you hit marked enemies, and once that gauge is full you’ll get unlimited Energy for a few seconds, letting you spam your abilities with little care for running out.