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EA FC 24 Career Mode: how to use Training Plans to improve player Fitness and Sharpness

Check out these new tools for managers in Career Mode
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EA Sports FC 24 introduces a brand-new feature for Career Mode fans. It’s called Training Plan and is a useful tool for those of you who want to improve player stats and performance on the pitch.

As powerful as it is, EA Sports FC 24 Training Plan is not the easiest thing to grasp at first, so we’re here to help you on your journey to become the most iconic soccer manager on Earth.

For everything you need to know about the EA Sports FC 24 Training Plan in Career Mode, keep reading our guide below.

EA FC 24 Training Plan screen.

Training Plans allow you to manage the important Fitness and Sharpness stats.

EA FC 24: Training Plan explained

You can select Training Plan as an option in your Career Mode overview menu. In this tab, you may then choose a training regimen that your players will follow to increase their stats. Keep an eye on the two stats of Fitness (the lightning icon) and Sharpness (the diamond icon), as these are crucial parts of your athletes’ on-pitch performance. Ideally, you’ll always have both of the meters completely filled up, indicating that your players are both physically and mentally on top shape.

However, that’ll be difficult in practice. As your athletes play matches in your EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode, their Fitness will go down – especially if they had to sprint around a lot and didn’t get replaced during the match. If that’s the case, consider putting them on a lighter schedule to recover their Fitness at the expense of Sharpness. It’s all a balancing act.

EA FC 24 Training Plan Balanced.

A Balanced Training Plan will often suffice.

EA FC 24: How to improve Fitness

Right when you start playing, your Training Plan will be Balanced. In this mode, you’re aiming at maintaining Fitness levels while trying to improve your players’ Sharpness. If your player needs more Fitness, you can change their regimen by pressing X on PlayStation or A on Xbox, and go for an Energy-focused plan.

This schedule focuses on players’ recovery, increasing their Fitness. Of course, this impacts their Sharpness negatively. In case of an extreme Fitness need, you can even go so far as to opt for an All Out Energy plan. This plan greatly restores Fitness, but has a severe impact on the Sharpness stat, so use it only for a limited time, or you’ll see performance decrease on the pitch. That’s especially so when you play with some of EA Sports FC 24’s fastest players, who tend to consume their entire stamina gauge as you speed them over the green.

EA FC 24: How to improve Sharpness

On the opposite front, we have Sharpness, a clear indicator of your players’ form. If you want to improve your Sharpness, you can go for the left spectrum of the Training Plan, which means putting your athletes on a Performance-focused regimen. This’ll cost them a little bit of Fitness, but is a good compromise to extract better performances on the green.

However, if your players are just getting back from an injury or had to power through multiple matches in a row, you might want to go for something a little stronger. This is where All Out Performance comes in, greatly increasing your players Sharpness, but also strongly impacting their Fitness in a negative way. Again, it’ll be up to you to find the right balance as you fight for the championship in your league.

EA FC 24 All Out Performance Training Plan.

If you need to extract performance at all costs, the All Out Performance Training Plan is the way to go.

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