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EGS Holiday Sale 2023: best strategy games to grab at a discount

Plan your holiday acquisition offensive with this intel
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The Epic Games Store Holiday Sale 2023 has begun, offering tons of video games at discounts that truly get you into that celebratory holiday mood. And what better way to spend the upcoming free days is there than to finally fulfill your dream of conquering the world – come on, everyone had that one at some point. Thanks to this sale on EGS you don’t need to let your dreams stay dreams.

We’ve compiled a list of the best strategy games to grab at a discount during the EGS Holiday Sale 2023 to help you find the right battlefield for your upcoming campaign.

Best turn-based strategy game deals

Be it games following the classic 4X formula or delivering a more personalized experience that revolves around fleshed out characters, turn-based strategy games provide lots of thrill without the need for quick hands thanks to their depth.

Best real-time strategy game deals

If a strategic and tactical adrenaline rush is what you’re after, then real-time strategy games are what you need. Enter the thrill of battle and do your best to stay alive – or ahead of the pack.

Best turn-based tactics game deals

Bringing the intense thrill of RTS games to the more laid-back mode of playing turn-based titles, these tactical masterpieces will have you curse and praise your luck in no time as the sweat from your forehead drops onto your keyboard.

Best city-builder deals

For a more relaxed experience that has you fight other things than nightmares like demons, foreign nations, and Red Bull Racing, a city-builder is perfect. That doesn’t mean that there is no challenge to be had here – on the contrary.

Phew, that was quite a list. If you’re out of pocket money after this one, worry not: The Epic Games Store is giving away 17 games for free this holiday season with the Destiny 2 Legacy Collection being up for grabs now.