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FF7 Rebirth Pirate Jetsam: Locations and what it does

How to find Pirate Jetsam and make the best accessories in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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If you’re combing through the optional content in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, attempting to transmute all possible item and clear off all lingering quests, then you’ll inevitably have to pick up some Pirate Jetsam.

Starting Chapter 12, Pirate Jetsam is just one of the materials you’ll be able to find while exploring the Meridian Ocean. Yes, that’s right, you can sail the Tiny Bronco across the ocean manually, and there are hidden items to find on the way too. For a full breakdown of Pirate Jetsam and the Pirate King’s quest in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, just read through our guide below.

The Pirate King’s quest – FF7 Rebirth

Pirate Jetsam is an essential material.

Pirate Jetsam is an essential material.

At the end of the dock at Costa Del Sol where the Tiny Bronco resides there will be a new treasure chest containing a map of the Meridian Ocean. You can view this map while sailing the ocean, and it points out four unique places to dock. Dock at each, defeating the fiend and grabbing the treasure in the process, and you’ll have all the items you need to transmute the Corsair’s Compass accessory.

While Corsair’s Compass is technically an accessory, it also has a function that points out Pirate Jetsam placed in the ocean as you’re sailing around.

Pirate Jetsam locations and what to do with it – FF7 Rebirth

Find Pirate Jetsam by sailing the Meridian Ocean.

Find Pirate Jetsam by sailing the Meridian Ocean.

Pirate Jetsam is a necessary material for a range of accessories and items in FF7 Rebirth, and if you don’t know where to get it, you’ll be pretty puzzled.

While it’s much easier to find Pirate Jetsam by completing the Pirate King’s quest as we mentioned above, you can still find Pirate Jetsam floating in the ocean with a blue hue, so make sure to charge through it with the Tiny Bronco whenever you see something shiny floating in the water.