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FF7 Rebirth play log for 100% completion

Keep track of everything you need to do to 100% Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

If you’re looking to fully complete FF7 Rebirth, be prepared to play through it at least two times and do a bit of chapter hopping. As well as a bunch of side content, there are some things, such as the Manuscripts, which are locked behind a Hard Mode playthrough, which only unlocks after your first time through.

Other than that, there are dozens of combat challenges, collectibles, and side quests to take on. There’s a checklist for you below, which should allow you to keep track of all the things you’ve done so far. You’ll also get access to an in-game tracker once you’ve finished the game for the first time, and then you’ll realize how many Chocobo Stops you missed and cry into your DualSense.

FF7 Rebirth completion checklist – exploration

  • Johnny’s Treasure Trove items collected: 88
  • Allies with max bond: 5
  • Chapter 12 date companions: 6
  • Chapter 12 intimate dates: 5
  • Quests completed: 36
  • Perfectly executed Odd Jobs: 36
  • World Intel progress: 169
  • Completed combat objectives and Hard Mode minigames: 108
  • Chocobo Stops fixed: 48
  • Cache locations cleared: 49
  • Queen’s Blood cards collected: 145

FF7 Rebirth completion checklist – combat

  • Chapters cleared on Hard difficulty: 14
  • Enemy Intel collected: 230
  • Enemies assessed: 230
  • Weapon abilities learned: 49
  • Manuscripts collected: 112
  • Chadley’s Combat Simulator challenges: 56
  • Shinra Mansion Combat Simulator challenges: 8
  • Beast Battleground challenges: 11
  • Musclehead Colosseum challenges: 33