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FF7 Rebirth romances: How to get your perfect date

All Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth relationship factors and romance options

If you’re coming into Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth fresh, look away now. If you ever played the original FF7, you’ll know that there’s a skywheel date coming up at the Gold Saucer, and depending on your actions until now, you’ll get a different party member to join you on the date.

In this guide, we’ll explain all of the things that can impact your relationships and change who appears on the dates during Chapters 8 and 12.

FF7 Rebirth romance options

FF7 Rebirth Intimate Date with Tifa

Your Intimate date with Tifa in FF7 Rebirth.

You can go on a date with anyone in your party. Once you reach Chapter 12, someone will knock on your door in the Haunted Hotel and ask you to hang out. Depending on who it is, this will play out in a few different ways.

Here are all your options:

  • Tifa
  • Aerith
  • Yuffie
  • Barret
  • Red XIII
  • Cid, Vincent, and Cait Sith

For everyone except the trio, there are two versions of each date: Standard and Intimate. This can mean different things for each party member. For example, an intimate date with Tifa ends in a kiss, while an intimate date with Red XIII lets you finally squish his paw pads.

If you want to see them all, you can achieve this through extra options after completion of the game. If you’re playing for a specific one in your first playthrough, read on to see what impacts how much each FF7 Rebirth party member likes you.

FF7 Rebirth relationship factors

As you’ve probably realized by now, conversation options play a big role in how much your party members like you. Still, there’s no reason to sweat them too much as there are also other factors at play.

See the list below to see each party member, what impacts their opinion of you, and how to influence the outcome. As an aside, the Cid, Vincent, and Cait Sith date, labeled “others” in the game, is considered the “bad” outcome, meaning no one likes you enough to spend time with you. Sucks to be you.


Now that you know how relationships work in FF7 Rebirth, you may want to check out our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth completionist checklist for everything else you need to do to 100% the game.