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Genshin Impact: How to claim free Intertwined Fates in update 3.5

Reap new rewards for your past Archon Quests
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After a bit of server downtime, Genshin Impact’s 3.5 update is finally here, bringing two all-new character banners as well as additional TCG cards into the action RPG.

Windblume’s Breath has another huge boon for you in store, though: You can retroactively claim new rewards for all of your completed Archon Quests including one Intertwined Fate for each of these missions.

Here are the new Archon Quest rewards as of update 3.5:

  • 1x Intertwined Fate
  • 3x Hero’s Wits
  • 3x Sanctifying Essence
  • 6x Mystic Enhancement Ore

Each Intertwined Fate enables you to pull one time from the currently active timed character banners and Hero’s Wits, Sanctifying Essence, and Mystic Enhancement Ore are the three highest-rated XP materials for characters, artifacts, and weapons.

How to claim free Intertwined Fates in Genshin Impact 3.5

To retroactively claim the Archon Quest rewards in update 3.5 you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Shortcut Wheel in Genshin Impact by pressing Tab on PC or L1/LB on your controller.
  2. Choose the second option going to the right from the top, which is your Adventurer Handbook.
  3. Navigate to the fifth option in the Adventurer Handbook from the top, which is your Tour Guide.
  4. Use the button with the gift symbol here to claim all the new rewards for your completed Archon Quests.
Genshin Impact Tour Guide menu.

This is the menu where you can claim your Archon Quest rewards in update 3.5.

You can either save up your Intertwined Fates for future characters, such as update 3.6’s Baizhu and Kaveh, or go all out on getting Dehya and Cyno, who are available right now.

It’ll be the same process to claim future Archon Quest rewards.