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Genshin Impact Kalpalata Lotus locations: farming route for Nahida materials

Learn where to find Kalpalata Lotuses to ascend Nahida
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All Genshin Impact characters can be upgraded to become more powerful over time, a process that is called Ascension in the game. Naturally, this improvement doesn’t come for free and you are required to collect lots of in-game resources that are specific to each character. Nahida, the Dendro Archon, is returning to Genshin Impact’s banners in the 4.4 update and should definitely be very high on your priority list, in case you haven’t pulled her yet. And even if you have, her C1 and C2 are very powerful, so you may even want to pull her for additional Constellations.

If you’re still among the Nahida-wanters and are determined to be a Nahida-haver once 4.4 hits, it’s a great idea to prepare accordingly and farm all the materials required to ascend her. That’s especially important for one required ingredient: the Kalpalata Lotus.

Genshin Impact Nahida and Kalpalata Lotuses.

These flowers on the cliffs are what you're looking for.

These plants are only found in specific areas in Sumeru and are kind of annoying to get. There also aren't that many of them, so starting early to have gathered enough in time for Nahida’s arrival would be prudent.

We’ve got all Kalpalata Lotus locations in Genshin Impact noted down here for you, showing you the best farming route for Nahida’s material.

Kalpalata Lotus locations in Genshin Impact

Kalpalata Lotuses are a bit hard to spot and even tougher to collect, if you don’t already have Nahida on your roster – her Elemental Skill comes in really handy to farm those flowers. They grow on cliffsides, often near waterfalls, which makes them easy to miss if your eyes are not wandering around the screen constantly. You’ll also need to climb around a lot to get to them.

Kalpalata Lotus farming route in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Kalpalata Lotus farming route.
Genshin Impact Kalpalata Lotus farming route.
Genshin Impact Kalpalata Lotus farming route.
Genshin Impact Kalpalata Lotus farming route.