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Genshin Impact Starconch locations guide

Find the perfect farming route for the ascension material
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Starconches are one of the regional specialities of Liyue in Genshin Impact and serve as one of the ascension materials for several characters in the game, which means you need to collect a large amount of it to enable you to upgrade them.

Tartaglia and Yelan required Starconches as ascension material in the past and the version 4.4 character banners brought another user of the resource into the fray: Gaming. Proving himself very popular with the player base, Gaming enables a playstyle based around Plunging Attacks, which has only been explored a little bit in the past with Xiao. However, the release of Xianyun and Gaming revived this exciting style of combat.

Here are all Genshin Impact Starconch locations where you find Gaming’s ascension material.

Genshin Impact Starconch laying on a beach.

This is what a Starconch looks like.

Genshin Impact Starconch locations

Starconches don’t stick out from the environment very much, making them kind of difficult to spot initially. Once you know where to look, though, a Starconch farming route is actually very apparent.

You begin your farming run outside of Liyue, teleporting to the Starglow Cavern waypoint on the southern slope Dragonspine. From there, glide down towards the coast where you can find the first Starconches laying on the beach and simply follow the coastline towards the west, which will land you in Liyue after a bit of walking.

Genshin Impact Starconch farming route.

The best Starconch farming route is pretty straightforward.

You can simply follow the coastline from here as it turns southwards, ending opposite the islands forming Guyun Stone Forest. If you have Furina, you might as well just walk over the strait here and directly continue your route, otherwise you can teleport over to the first island and continue farming there after a little backtracking. In general, you may want to bring characters that reduce the amount of Stamina used (or prepare some items to help with that) when doing this farming run, as it involves a lot of sprinting.

If you want to maximize your gains, you won’t escape having to grab the outliers on the little islands dotting the larger landmasses, which is going to cost you a bit more time. But since regional specialities only respawn every two days, you may as well grab what you can.

With Chenyu Vale having just expanded Liyue, it’s a great time to pay the region another visit and complete your collection of exclusive regional weapons as well as pick up the second ever copy of the Dark Iron Sword.