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One of the most magnificent beasts in Hogwarts Legacy is the unicorn — a mythical creature that everyone knows from childhood tales. It takes the form of a horse with a magical coat and a spiral horn. Here’s how to capture a unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy.

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First off, you need to have attended your first Beast Class and unlocked the vivarium in the Room of Requirement. Otherwise you won't have the tools to capture or store a unicorn. Once that’s done, you’re ready to grab a horny horse. 

Unicorn den location - Hogwarts Legacy

The map location for the Unicorn Den in Hogwarts Legacy. 

The map location for the Unicorn Den in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Fly to the location above, on the northeast edge of the Forbidden Forest and you’ll land at a Unicorn Den. 

How to catch a Unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy

These are one of the more difficult beasts to capture, but just make sure you have your Nabsack on the same spellset as Accio and Arresto Momentum so you can access all three spells quickly and without fiddling around in menus. 

Land three hits or so with your Nab-Sack and then switch to a spell to keep the unicorn in place. Pull out your Nab-Sack to finish the job.

There are two types of unicorns — one with a dark coat and one with a light coat — and you can keep them in your vivarium to get Unicorn Hair, which is useful for upgrading high-level gear. Simply brush and feed them to make them happy and they'll reward you with Unicorn Hair. Try not to accidentally shoot them with your wand if you can help it. Hey, we've all been there.