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Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian keys: how to open the House Chest

The House Chest in Hogwarts Legacy can only be unlocked by finding 16 Daedalian keys around Hogwarts, here's where to find them
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When you’re first sorted into your Hogwarts Legacy house and get to explore your new common room, you’ll quickly spot a conspicuous chest with open slots in the top. This House Chest contains a special reward for anyone who can seek out the 16 Daedalian keys scattered around Hogwarts. A short way into the game, after your first few lessons, a student will point out the flying keys to you, and you can follow them to the corresponding cabinet.

Completing a quick minigame will unlock the cabinet and get you one of the house emblems you’ll need. We’ll tell you where to find all 16 cabinets and their keys, as well as show you what you get for gathering them all.

You'll need to get through some locked doors for this quest, so make sure you know how to learn Alohamora and complete the lockpicking minigame.

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