Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 banners – Firefly and Jade debut

Every new and returning character coming with the update

Honkai: Star Rail update 2.3 is just around the corner and in time-honored tradition the version will introduce a couple of brand-new characters into the turn-based RPG for you to play with – and it’s a highly anticipated pair. Firefly has been one of the pivotal actors in the celebrated story arc on Penacony and the fact that she can transform into the mecha suit-wearing Sam is the cherry on top. Why choose between best girl and cool mecha when you can have both in one?

Jade has been active in the background up to now, but is set to enter the spotlight in version 2.3  as the IPC finally takes action on the Planet of Festivities – her seductive design and demeanor will quite naturally find many admirers.

Find all Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 character and Light Cone banners below.

Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 banners: Phase 1

Starting on June 19, 2024, with update 2.3’s release, you’ll be able to call upon the following characters:

  • Firefly (5-Star character, Fire, The Destruction), Gallagher (4-Star character, Fire, The Abundance), Xueyi (4-Star character, Quantum, The Destruction), Misha (4-Star character, Ice, The Destruction).
  • Ruan Mei (5-Star character, Ice, The Harmony), Gallagher (4-Star character, Fire, The Abundance), Xueyi (4-Star character, Quantum, The Destruction), Misha (4-Star character, Ice, The Destruction).
  • Whereabouts Should Dreams Rest (5-Star Light Cone, The Destruction) and three 4-Star Light Cones.
  • Past Self in Mirror (5-Star Light Cone, The Harmony) and three 4-Star Light Cones.


Honkai: Star Rail Firefly artwork on space background.
Honkai: Star Rail's Firefly. / HoYoverse

Firefly is entering the all-new “Break meta” as a powerhouse damage dealer: She’s able to apply Fire Weakness to enemies, dealing devastating Break Damage to any foe, and in typical fashion of characters following The Destruction she can consume her own HP to gain big power-ups, partly restoring it with others parts of her kit.

Ruan Mei

Honkai: Star Rail Ruan Mei artwork on space background.
Honkai: Star Rail's Ruan Mei. / HoYoverse

Ruan Mei has been a superb Support ever since she was introduced to the game, but after the dawn of the “Break meta” she’s become almost as omnipotent as the Aeon she wants to be. Boosting her allies’ overall damage output and Weakness Break Efficiency, Ruan Mei can apply a special debuff on enemies to prevent them from recovering from Weakness Break for a while – an incredible tool to control the flow of battle and maximize the damage enemies take.


Honkai: Star Rail Gallagher artwork.
Honkai: Star Rail's Gallagher. / HoYoverse

Gallagher is another character whose status was greatly elevated by the “Break meta”, being a healer who scales with Break Effect. His aggressive orientation greatly helps with whittling down enemies’ defenses.


Honkai: Star Rail Xueyi artwork.
Honkai: Star Rail's Xueyi. / HoYoverse

Xueyi has become a 5-Star DPS in all but name thanks to the “Break meta” – her ability to break enemies regardless of their Weakness Type and her Break Effect scaling make her an incredible asset in this brave new world.


Honkai: Star Rail Misha artwork.
Honkai: Star Rail's Misha. / HoYoverse

Misha is a damage dealer who benefits from being in a team that eats through many Skill Points, which allows him to regenerate extra Energy and have quicker access to his powerful Ultimate. Bringing a high chance to Freeze enemies, he’s a solid option to control the battle.

Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 banners: Phase 2

Phase 2 will begin on July 10, 2024, and run for three weeks from that point on. You’ll be able to get the following characters in this time period:

  • Jade (5-Star character, Quantum, The Erudition), Serval (4-Star character, Lightning, The Erudition), Natasha (4-Star character, Physical, The Abundance), and Asta (4-Star character, Fire, The Harmony).
  • Argenti (5-Star character, Physical, The Erudition), Serval (4-Star character, Lightning, The Erudition), Natasha (4-Star character, Physical, The Abundance), and Asta (4-Star character, Fire, The Harmony).
  • Yet Hope Is Priceless (5-Star Light Cone, The Erudition) and three 4-Star Light Cones.
  • An Instant Before A Gaze (5-Star Light Cone, The Preservation) and three 4-Star Light Cones.


Honkai: Star Rail Jade artwork on space background.
Honkai: Star Rail's Jade. / HoYoverse

Jade is an interesting hybrid character, as she provides the wave-clearing abilities typical for the followers of The Erudition, but comes with a few support boons as well, such as increasing the Speed of an ally and making follow-up attacks to assist them – though everything comes at a price with her: In order to fully use her abilities, she consumes the HP of allied characters.


Honkai: Star Rail Argenti artwork.
Honkai: Star Rail's Argenti. / HoYoverse

Argenti is a lot more straightforward: He’s all about dealing as much splash damage as possible, which enables him to restore extra Energy and gain access to his powerful Ultimate. If you need to clear waves of Physical Type enemies as fast as possible, this is your knight in shining armor.


Honkai: Star Rail Serval artwork.
Honkai: Star Rail's Serval. / HoYoverse

Serval is specialized in dealing area-of-effect damage and applying the Shocked status.


Honkai: Star Rail Natasha artwork.
Honkai: Star Rail's Natasha. / HoYoverse

Natasha is a basic healer who has been overshadows by never characters since launch.


Honkai: Star Rail Asta artwork.
Honkai: Star Rail's Asta. / HoYoverse

Asta can be a solid support character, assisting the team by breaking the enemy and enhancing everyone's Speed.

Make sure to check for active Honkai: Star Rail codes to grab additional Stellar Jades for your pulls and peek into the list of upcoming Honkai: Star Rail characters to plan ahead.

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