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One thing no Honkai: Star Rail player will ever say “no” to is getting more Stellar Jade, which is the in-game currency needed to buy pulls for playable characters. After Silver Wolf is replaced by Luocha and Yukong for the second half of version 1.1, fans are already looking forward to the arrival of Blade, Luka, and Kafka in the upcoming update 1.2. With so many highly anticipated personalities joining the fun, every piece of Stellar Jade to get more Warps counts.

A new Honkai: Star Rail web event called The Way of the Stomach is a simple path towards a few additional Stellar Jade reserves, allowing you to gain resources by investing a little bit of your time.

The Way of the Stomach challenges you to open an eatery on the Xianzhou Luofu and satisfy the needs of your hungry customers by making delicious food. Level up your store to obtain not only Stellar Jade, but also XP materials for Light Cones and Relics as well as credits. You can gain more customers by completing certain objectives in the game and outside of it.

Honkai: Star Rail web event: The Way of the Stomach

Here’s how The Way of the Stomach works:

  1. Navigate to The Way of the Stomach in your browser.
  2. Log in with your HoYoverse account and choose the Honkai: Star Rail character you’d like to receive the rewards.
  3. Click “Start Game” and follow the instructions on screen to make food.
  4. Gain additional customers by clicking the “Customers” button below March 7th, completing the listed objectives, and hitting the “Claim” button.
  5. Claim your rewards by clicking on the little treasure chest on the left side of the screen next to your eatery’s level.
  6. Claim additional rewards after receiving every possible review by clicking on the clipboard below your eatery’s level.
Honkai: Star Rail web event The Way of the Stomach.

Rewards and customers can be obtained through the buttons on the left side of the screen.

Here are all the rewards you can earn from The Way of the Stomach:

  • Stellar Jade x120 (eatery levels)
  • Refined Aether x6 (eatery levels)
  • Lost Gold Fragment x15 (reviews)
  • Credits x75,000 (reviews)

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