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Lies of P: Scrapped Watchman guide

How to get through Krat City Hall to Venigni’s factory

Lies of P isn’t light on bosses, and if you struggled with the Mad Donkey fight, I have some bad news, because there is another one right afterward. This one ups the challenge of the previous fights and will test your skills at pattern recognition, with a tricky second phase.

Here’s how to beat the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P.

Scrapped Watchman boss – Lies of P

The Watchman is soon after the Mad Donkey, and the closest Stargazer is called Krat City Hall. Spend some time exploring and clearing out the area and you will open some shortcuts that allow you to get to the boss unharmed. Once you have opened the shortcut, you will be able to go left from the Stargazer through a gate and down an alley. Go left at the end of the alley for a straight run to the boss. There are enemies here but if you run past them they won’t get you. Once you are up the stairs to the boss door they will no longer chase you.

Lies of P Scrapped Watchman

The Watchman is a puppet which means it would usually be weak to Electric, but unfortunately it is covered in Electric so this won’t help here. You should have powered up some of your weapons by this point, so your strongest one is the best to use. Unfortunately, the Legion Arms are not a lot of use here either. The Puppet’s String won’t work on a large enemy like this, and Fulmis is Electric. We went with the Left Arm of Steel, but didn’t end up using it too much.

With his huge sweeping attacks it’s fairly easy to dodge once you learn his patterns and punish with some quick attacks. Depending on your weapon you should be able to get one or two off after each of his attacks. Stay close to him and watch for his telegraphing so you know when to dodge and strike. You will know when he has entered his second phase because he will stop for a moment and electrify the ground. After that he will become faster and more aggressive and also shoot out electricity.

The most important part of your build here is your defensive options. Make sure you have installed as many shock resistant components as possible. You can also purchase better armor from Pulcinella in Hotel Krat for 500 Ergo. You’ll want the Workshop Union Spaced Armor Liner to protect against strike damage. This one is a bigger test of your combat skills, but if you learn the pattern you’ll have a much easier time.

Lies of P Pulcinella in Hotel Krat

Buy better armor from Pulcinella in Hotel Krat for 500 Ergo.

This is the first time you’ll be able to use Star Fragments at the Crack’s Calling bowl outside the boss battle, which summons an NPC to fight alongside you. These specter’s are pretty bad as they never dodge, but they do have two uses. If the Watchman is targeting you, then the specter can do some pretty decent damage. If he targets the specter you have the chance to attack freely, saving you some heals that can be used later in the fight.

Broken Hero’s Ergo – Lies of P

Taking down the Watchman will reward you with his Ergo, the Broken Hero’s Ergo. As with all rare Ergo, you can use it for 5k Ergo or keep it to use later when you find Alidoro later in the game. You can exchange the rare Ergo for either Etiquette, a Technique-based cane sword with 80 base attack, or the Extreme Modification Amulet which increases your attack with the number of Fable slots. If you find yourself using a lot of your Fable attacks this is a great option, and can really increase your damage quickly. However, you need to collect Quartz in order to unlock more slots, and also make the conscious effort to invest in this. As with all special weapons you can’t dismantle Etiquette lowering its use, but it is a fun weapon to use.